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  • new page EDs.
    created by Kibethastarael
    New page: Contents[show] Anorexia NervosaEdit Anorexia AthleticaEdit AnorexiaEdit Bulimia NervosaEdit OrthorexiaEdit...
  • new page Playlistttttt
    created by Kibethastarael
    New page: Grown Woman (Beyoncé) Biscuit (Ivy Levan) Miss Y (Marina) Bow Down (Beyoncé) Feeling Myself (Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé) Hard (Rihanna)
  • discussion page Talk:Notes.
    new comment by Kibethastarael
    Comment: september 5 2015 chars affected by epidemic: Genevieve (patient 0) Keaaaaa Adriana Craig?
  • new page Notes.
    created by Kibethastarael
    New page: not for the likes of you.
  • new page Kinetic/Manipulative Abilities
    created by Kibethastarael
    New page: Contents[show] Pyrokinesis - fireEdit Geokinesis - earthEdit Botanokinesis - manipulate and generate plants Hydrokinesis - waterEdit Aerokinesis -...

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